"I just bought this and now it doesn't fit"
I kept running into this problem with my daughter. I know, I know, babies don't keep. But, time after time I was pulling clothes from the laundry basket, and after maybe two wears, it no longer fit. Frustrated, I knew there had to be another way. I have worked endlessly on these patterns to bring you gathered busts, drawstrings with hidden adjustable buttons, elastic, and inner seams meant to be rolled. All of this so that I can create clothes that don't just get worn twice, and then packed away or tossed. Im creating clothes to be loved on and lived in by the most important people in our lives. These days are too short to be worrying about ill fitting clothes that can't be washed with ease.
My choice to continue using linen and other natural fibers was an easy one. I started out in the ring sling business with these fabrics and fell in love with how they handled. While most don't wash their slings often, I relished in the fact that the linen just became even more gorgeous with each wash, and when it comes to kids clothing, we all know the never-ending laundry cycle that comes right along with those sweet cherubs. 
So I hope you enjoy these items as much as my family does, and thank you from the bottom of my heart for supporting a mom-made small business. #loveyourtribe
My name is Britney and I am the owner and creator of all things Poppy Laurel. From every cut of fabric, to every stitch and knit. I'm a military brat and now also a military wife, I've lived all over, but grew up mostly between Virginia Beach, VA & San Diego, CA. I am currently living in Southern Maryland with my husband Nick, and two children Jessie and David.